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Name: Dagger DogVinci
Year: 2021
Credentials: Using his art to fundraise for charities and animals in need

Dagger is a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix. He was born in Santa Rosa, CA on

October 6, 2012.  Before Dagger became known as “DogVinci,~The Do Good Dog,” he was working towards becoming a Service Dog for Canine Companions for Independence (Canine.org). During Dagger’s Professional Training, he learned how to push drawers and doors closed and hold objects in his mouth.  However, he was not able to fulfill his duties as a Service dog because of fear issues, so his life’s leash took a different path.


Dagger was adopted by fine artist, Yvonne Dagger in 2015.  While working in her studio one day shortly after Dagger’s adoption, Dagger sat faithfully and watched while Yvonne painted.  Then, suddenly, Dagger approached Yvonne and “nudged” her with his snout.  Jokingly, Yvonne asked Dagger if he wanted to paint. His tail began to wag.  At that instant, Yvonne took a table-top easel and canvas and set them on the floor. She utilized the command words Dagger had learned in Professional Training at Canine Companions and in two months, Dagger had learned how to paint.  All Yvonne had to do was place a brush in Dagger’s mouth and with one simple command, “paint,” Dagger immediately went to work creating amazing paintings. Each stoke of paint on every canvas is placed by Dagger himself.


In the early spring of 2016, when a journalist from Newsday, Patricia Kitchen, came to visit Dagger in his studio to write about this talented canine artist she said that, at first, she was sceptical about whether his story was even true, but when she arrived, she was amazed at what she saw.  Her article, which appeared that weekend went viral all over the world. Within two weeks, Dagger had over 150 commissions for paintings with all the proceeds donated to Canine Companions.  It was even on the front page of the Daily Telegraph in the UK that weekend!  Since then, Dagger has sold over 700 paintings with proceeds of all sales going to animal & people related charities and causes.  Dagger has donated over $135,000 to date to charity. Today, Dagger’s remarkable talent has made him affectionately known as, “DogVinci ~ The Do Good Dog” and he continues creating colorful masterpieces for the world to purchase and admire. He has been on the Rachael Ray Show, Animal Planet’s “Cute as Fluff” Show, The Today Show, in Newsday numerous times, on Inside Edition, in Mashable and The Daily Telegraph UK, The South Korean Newspaper….just to name some.  He has had Eyewitness News, CBS, FOX TV, PIX11, Brazil TV, The Tribecca Film Festival, a journalist from South Korea, Eunkyung Koh, as well as other numerous media outlets come to the studio to film and watch Dagger paint. A documentary was made of Dagger…”DogVinci: The Documentary.”  Penny Leigh, a journalist for the AKC Family Dog Magazine, wrote an article titled, “State of the Arf” about Dagger DogVinci’s life as a canine artist.  The article was featured in their May/June 2017 Publication.  Dagger was named “Bethpage Best of L.I. Artist/Painter” in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, respectively.  This prestigious award is given to one individual who exemplifies excellence in his/her field.  Jen Reeder from Just Lab magazine wrote an article about Dagger titled “The Do Good Dog” which was featured in their July/August Issue centering on Dagger good works. Dagger was on Eyewitness News’ “Hidden Heroes” Show where he was the only non-human recipient to receive the honor of a hero. Woman’s Day wrote an article about Dagger and was featured in their 2019 May Issue.  Dagger has also been featured on Australia’s Show called “Get Arty” in early 2019.  In addition to Dagger’s success, he is a part of a children’s book published by Penguin Random House called “Amazing Dogs with Amazing Jobs” written by Award Winning Author, Laura Greaves.  Go to www.DogVinci.com to order your copy…there’s free shipping world-wide.  Dagger was featured on CBS Inside Edition’s Show “The Breakdown.” Dagger also did a painting demonstration at the AKC Museum of the Dog in NYC in December 2019 in their library.


Before the COVID 19 Pandemic, Dagger was holding “DogVinci” Workshops at libraries, schools, and nursing homes. They became so popular that places were clamoring to be able to have Dagger appear at their library or school. Children would wait patiently to be able to see and pet Dagger.  Dagger’s workshop consisted of Yvonne giving Dagger’s history and style of painting and a painting demonstration by Dagger.  Right after Dagger’s painting demonstration, the students would make their way over to tables set up with easels and canvases where they would be able to paint in the “DogVinci” style of painting which is pure true abstract art.  Yvonne teaches the students about abstract art and tells the students that they’re painting from their hearts.  During the workshops the students learn that Dagger’s message of “Education and Community Service” is central to all that he does. Yvonne and Dagger are very hopeful that soon they’ll be able to get back to holding Dagger’s Workshops in person again.


In addition, Dagger is featured on the PBS show “Shelter Me ~ The Art of Kindness” which was filmed before the pandemic. It’s a show about the animal & human bond and how they help one another. Dagger’s episode is hosted by award winning actress, Wendie Malick and has been airing all across the USA since February 2021.


On July 1st 2021,  Dagger’s Episode of the “Shelter Me~The Art of Kindness” Show was live streamed with a Q&A at the end of the show where Dagger’s fans and viewers was able to ask Yvonne & Dagger anything about Dagger’s life and career as a famous canine painter, but most importantly, how he became the “Do Good Dog.”  There will be other Live streamed webinars planned in the future. A schedule of events will be posted on all of Dagger DogVinci’s social media channels as well as his web site: www.DogVinci.con

Dagger will also be exhibiting in the first ever…
Biennale of Animal Artists
Cecilia F. Gallery
4 rue des guillemites
​Quartier du Marais, 75004, Paris

*Due to the Pandemic the date of the show is forth coming…


Everyday Dagger’s life as a canine artist grows and grows. None of this fame goes to his head.  He’s a gentle soul who just happens to be the love of everyone’s life.


In addition to Dagger’s artistic ability as a canine painter and his outstanding fundraising efforts, he is a certified therapy dog for Therapy Dogs International.  Dagger goes to nursing homes, libraries, and schools visiting the residents and children bringing love and comfort to everyone he meets.




  • Dagger greets everyone that comes to our house with one of his toys, sometimes he even grabs his entire bed and drags it over to the front door to say "Hi"

  • Dagger absolutely LOVES belly rubs! If he sees someone coming towards him, he will roll over and wait on his back for some belly rubs.

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