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Animal HEROES Hall Of Fame™ was created to honour brave and inspirational animals Worldwide.

Animals that have been through the horrors of living as strays, being abandoned, living in puppy mills, used for lab tests, used in fighting rings,  put in pounds and shelters, abused, dismembered, ill! They have overcome their difficulties and have gone on to be heroes either by performing acts of bravery, raising awareness on various issues or being inspirations to others, both human and animal, going through tough situations.

We also have our 'Heroes To Animals' honouring people who have dedicated their lives to helping and promoting animals and our planet.


Lizzy was a pointer used for hunting and breeding. When she became old and ill with cancer her ‘owner’ threw her out of a moving vehicle causing severe damage to her jaw and wounds all over her body. She was found on a dirt road starving, a day away from death.

Her rescuer contacted our founder to ask if she could take her in as she use to run a home hospice for senior and disabled animals. She accepted and Lizzy started months of recuperation, putting on weight and two surgeries to remove the tumours. She also suffered numerous infections due to her low immune system but slowly healed and lived a happy life for 4 years before passing away in her sleep in 2017 at the approximate age of 16 years.

Lizzy is the first inductee into the Animal HEROES Hall Of Fame on May 28th, 2020.



We are extremely grateful to our Partners who support heroic animals! You can find out more about them and how they contribute to the Hall in our blog!

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